Electric Fireplace Wall: What's The Only Thing Nobody Is Talking About

Electric Fireplace Wall: What's The Only Thing Nobody Is Talking About

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An Electric Fireplace Wall Can Be a Great Addition to Your Home

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can make your home more comfortable. They are simple to install and come in different sizes. They can also be mounted on an existing wall or incorporated into a new wall.

Before you begin the installation, be sure you read the instructions given by the manufacturer. They should give specific information about framing, securing the unit and wiring.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace is a popular option for modern homes. It is easy-to-install and doesn't require structural modifications to your home. It is easy to connect the electric network to your home. There are a few points you need to consider prior to installing a fireplace on the wall. Make sure the fire is located at a distance of 400mm from any combustible materials. Make sure that the heater, which is located at the bottom of the firebox, isn't touching any fabrics or other items. This will avoid accidental burns.

Before installing a wall mounted electric fire, you must take into consideration the kind of installation. Some models are designed to be flush mounted, while others are built into the wall. If you prefer a modern sleek design then the latter choice is the best choice for you. Once you have decided on the type of installation be sure to read the owner's manual for specific details about framing, securing the unit and wiring.

Once you've decided on where you'd like your fireplace to be placed Measure the opening on your wall and mark it with a pencil. Use a spirit level gauge to make sure the studs are straight and there's enough space between them. Installing a fireplace that is recessed requires you to install an electrical outlet in the finished wall. Afterwards, install a piece of fascia to cover the outlet and plug.

The next step is to construct an enclosure around the fireplace. Then, you need to align the studs and fireplace frame in accordance with the layout marks on the top and bottom plates. Then, you can screw the frame into the wall. Install the fireplace's wall and then add decorative glass to complete the design.

Before you begin the electrical work, you should plug in your fireplace and test it to make sure everything works correctly. If it isn't working you should seek out an electrician for assistance.


Regardless of whether you have a wall-mounted or freestanding electric fireplace, there are a number of safety precautions you must take. The most important thing to do is ensure that your fireplace is properly installed and not near anything that could ignite. It is also important to check your electric fire regularly for signs of wear and tear and schedule regular maintenance.

It is recommended to read the instructions carefully for your fireplace. This will give an idea of the process to install. Before you can use the fireplace, you'll have to connect the firebox to the wall bracket. Depending on the model you pick it could be a straightforward task or it could be more difficult. You can always ask for professional help if you are not sure.

It is also important to ensure that the fireplace isn't positioned too close to any flammable objects or furniture. You should keep it at least four feet from any combustible material. Additionally, you must keep the area free of rugs, curtains and other items that could ignite. If you have children who are small it is recommended to put up a child-proof barrier around the fireplace to stop them from smacking it accidentally.

Another way to protect yourself is to keep your electric fireplace safe from anything that can catch fire, including clothes and paper products. Also, keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Ideally, it should be hung on the wall in a place where it will not be easily tripped over.

Also, not use extension cords when you are using your electric fireplace. They can cause overheating which can be dangerous to your family. Use the power cord that came along with your fireplace, or a higher quality extension cord that's rated appropriately for your home wiring. It is also recommended to make use of a surge protector to safeguard your home from power spikes. It is essential to check your electric fireplace to check for signs of wear. Also, you should not leave your fireplace unattended, or using it as a main source of heat.

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A wall-hung electric fireplace can be a great feature for any room. It can bring aesthetic appeal and warmth to any space, and is also an excellent method of saving energy. But, it is essential to choose the right model for your home, because there are numerous kinds of electric fireplaces available on the market. To ensure that you purchase the best one, consider some of the most important features.

When choosing an electric fire the color of the surround should be considered. It can be made out of wood, metal, or glass and can be decorated in a variety of colors. It is crucial to select a color that matches the existing furniture in the space.

Another feature to look out for in a wall mounted electric fireplace is the ability to adjust the intensity of the flame. It is also important to check out the settings for heat. A higher setting will create more heat, while the lower setting will produce a subtler flame.

Certain models also come with the option to turn the flame off and not heat the room. This is a wonderful feature for people who have small pets or children. Another feature to look for is the cool glass feature which helps to reduce the amount of heat transferred through the glass.

Electric fireplaces can be mounted in a variety styles. Some electric fireplaces are installed on the wall. Others are surface-mounted. The latter can be an ideal option for those who want to save the hassle and cost of installing a traditional fireplace in their home.

Wall-mounted electric fire places are an affordable and easy-to-install choice for those who want to add a cozy atmosphere to their home. They are available in a range of sizes and some even include speakers built-in. They can be placed in your bedroom, den, or living room and take in the relaxing ambiance.

One of the newest electric fireplaces is the Scion Trinity, which has an exclusive multi-sided design as well as an appearance that is more customizable than other models. Kuefler claims that this design offers more options for finishing materials than recessed electric fireplaces.


A wall-mounted electric fire place can be a stunning feature for any home. However, it can be expensive to install. Take into consideration all costs associated with this kind of project. This includes the cost of the fireplace itself as well as the installation and any ongoing operating costs. You should also think about how you will use the fireplace in your home.

There are several types of electric wall fireplaces. Some units are already built and can be installed by contractors with no complicated wiring. Some are more complex, and require framing into the wall. The ones that are built-in to the wall could require demolition, drywall repair and electrical work. In general, those built-in will cost more than those that are prefabricated.

One of the most effective options for wall-mounted electric fireplaces is to choose a recessed design. These fireplaces can be built on a wall and fireplace tools set concealed behind a flat-screen TV. They can be used in rooms up to 400 square foot and have front vents that permit safe airflow. Certain models come with decorative surrounds that add to the overall look of the fireplace.

Another alternative for a fireplace that is wall-mounted is a unit that has wide frames and a narrow elongated form. This design is ideal for a corner, over the cabinet or sofa, or underneath a TV that is mounted on the wall. It comes in a variety of frames, ranging from sleek black to modern stainless steel and can be matched to the wall color or contrasted against it. This is a plug in unit that doesn't require any hardwiring.

Some electric fireplaces mounted on walls have additional features such as remote controls and timers. Some come with adjustable flame brightness, and can be set to emit a crackling sound or simulate smoke. These extras can add up to an increase in the cost of the device therefore, make sure to add these costs to your budget when you are comparing prices.

There are a lot of other aspects that influence the final cost of an electric fireplace wall. For instance, the dimensions of the unit as well as the amount of heat it produces will influence how much you will pay. The smaller units are priced at less than $500, while more complex, larger units could cost upwards of $2000.

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